Xender for PC/Laptop Download : Windows 8.1/8/7

Xender For PC: The Xender For PC makes it truly simple to exchange files from one phone then onto the other and you can considerably exchange documents between Android and Apple powered phones.

The sorts of files you can share incorporate photographs, music, spreadsheets, archives, features, eBooks and even applications.Initially, the application was released in China itself in 2012 by the name Shan Chuan.

After its popularity, it was developed to support more languages other than Chinese and the next version of the app was launched in 2013 with more support of other languages mentioned some of the above languages.


xender for pc

About Xender For PC

Xender transfers anything you need, from records, music, pictures, to features and applications, in a moment with a couple taps.With the new Connect PC mode, Xender For PC exchanges all that you need between your friend and your PC, Apple MAC or even Chrome book.
  • The application is developed by the AnMobiInc of China.
  • The app is available in various language variants like English, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Russian and many other languages.
xender download free
  • The application is freeware and is available free for the users to download xender from google play store for android mobile users and App Store (iOS) for iOS (iPhone Operating Devices) devices.
Xender to send a wide range of documents remotely and at a rate 50 times higher than that offered by Bluetooth to different cell phones that are around you and even gives you a chance to transfer files to any PC by means of the program, in case you’re joined with the same Wi-Fi system.Other than association and exchange between Android gadgets, Xender additionally permits exchanges among Android and iOS.

Xender For PC: Features

Gionee Xender is known as the best friend to friend documents and applications exchange application for Android stages. The application permits you to exchange documents quicker than whatever other applications. The application is perfect with iOS clients also. You can in a split second share applications and other helpful documents from one gadget to the next effectively by utilizing this application.
  • Faster sharing speed: Xender For PC provides 50 times faster file transfer speed as compared to Bluetooth.
  • Shake file transfer feature: this feature lets the two devices connect just by shaking the devices.
  • Slide file transfer feature: this feature is similar to the shake feature. It connects devices but sliding the screen to the device which is desired to be connected.
  • Group file transfer feature:  This feature provides convenience to share the file or media to more than one devices or in a group of devices at the same time.
  • Connect iPhone feature: this feature helps to connect a mobile to any other iPhone.
For Android clients, Xender APK download is presently accessible and you can get it introduced right from that point. Aside from that, Xender for PC too is presently accessible.

Xender For PC/Laptop

The users who wish to use Xender application on their PC or laptop on any of the versions of the windows from windows 7/8 or 8.1. To run Xender on PC (Personal Computer) or laptop, the user must have an android emulator.

Xender on pc connected Iphone

An android emulator is a platform for the PC or laptop to let the android mobile applications (apps) run on the PC or laptop. To install Xender For PC or laptop following instructions should be followed:

  • Download Bluestacks (or any other android emulator).
  • Now install the downloaded Bluestacks.
  • After the installation process is complete, run the bluestacks.
  • At the home of bluestacks click on the search box.
  • Now enter “Xender For PC”.
  • Amongst the list opened, click on “Install” at any of the links.
  • Now the auto installation will take place.
  • Xender Download Done

Xender is known as the best friend to friend documents and applications exchange application for Android stages. The application permits you to exchange documents quicker than whatever other applications.

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